WADA Compliant, SportProtect Approved, chemical- and substance-free.
Using the body's own frequencies.
"With total honesty and objectivity. Without ANFSports® PRO I don't think we would be capable of achieving such results in the championship.
- Labci, physio of National Basketball team
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Why use ANFSports® PRO?


With decades of experience within the professional sports world, we offer you as a Sports Professional, the possibility to improve your Athletes’ PERFORMANCE, optimize their RECOVERY time and prevent INJURIES without the use of any chemical or organic substances.

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How does it work?

Each disc is applied directly on the skin and activated by body heat, transmitting a unique range of frequencies through the neurons.

The central nervous system picks up and copies these frequencies helping to enhance the cell’s own frequencies and improving the
self- regulating process of the body to achieve the results we are aiming for. 
In easier words, the Disc is designed to receive, copy and send back signals to the human body, creating improved body functions.
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Benefit, use & effect

ANFSports® Pro Disc aims to improve your overall performance by strengthening specific muscle groups and improving your performance capacity.

Goals: Maximize energy production, support nitric oxide and RBC production, enhance blood circulation, optimize heart- and lung function as well as cellular energy and organ functions.
ANFSports® Pro Disc aims for faster and improved recovery, lactic acid prevention, and minimize post-performance stress. Some of the key areas for rapid recovery are fewer muscle complaints, decrease training or match pain, improved sleep quality, and optimized organs. 
Goals: Reduce recovery time, minimize lactic acid, prevent physical stress, optimize cellular antioxidants and immune system, support body’s ability to self-repair, and improve sleep quality.

ANFSports® PRO Disc is designed for athletes that are prone to injuries, muscle compensation, or overuse due to injury. The ASP Disc can help prevent these issues and benefit your athletes in reaching their fullest potential.

Goals: Prevent injuries, reduce or prevent pain, lessen cramps and physical stress etc. 

ANFSports® PRO Disc is there to help balance the overall mental state or to improve mental focus and clarity during the performance. These special protocols are for those athletes who feel stressed, overexcited, or suffer from performance anxiety.

Goals: Improve concentration and mental focus, enhance optic nerve function, prevent mental stress and performance anxiety, reduce overthinking, optimize brain balance and mental performance.

Test Results

Push Ups
Beep test

Coaches worldwide love ANFSports® PRO

Algeria basketball coach

Ahmed Bendjabou

Head Coach of the Algerien National basketball team. Wearing our ANFSports® PRO Disc
for concentration and focus during
the championship in Dubai. 


Kiki Musampa

The former football player for Manchester City, now active coach, decided to become an ANFSports® PRO Coach and instructor


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