ANFSports® PRO Disc works instantly.
The longer the athlete uses the Disc, the easier the body will respond & the better the system will work.
A more powerful, better, and extended Performance does not mean a higher risk of injury for the athlete since the Disc used also stimulates the body’s self-healing actions.
Minimize lactic acid, Relax the Nervous system, Improve sleep quality,
Optimize the immune system,
Prevent injuries, and more.

What does ANFSports® PRO help to facilitate?



What is the ANFSports® PRO mechanism?

ANFSports® PRO Neuro Frequency Disc is a wearable Disc, applied directly on the skin and is activated by body heat, transmitting a unique range of frequencies through the neurons. 
The central nervous system picks up and copies these frequencies helping to enhance the cell’s own frequencies and improve the self-regulating process of the body in order to achieve the results aimed, like a better performance or a faster recovery.

ANFSports® PRO uses a combination of over 30 different Neurological Frequency emitting Discs.

In order to achieve a better result, it is imperative that the cells are well hydrated due to the excellent electric conductivity of water. Furthermore, water will facilitate the elimination of wastes and toxins from the cells to the circulatory system for excretion via the kidneys and liver.

The ANFSports® PRO Discs are made of carbonized metal on a synthetic layer of PET material that has great electrical transmissivity for the purpose of sending, receiving, and reflecting Neuro Frequencies in forms of signals in the human body.

When joined with a skin-friendly and antibacterial adhesive 3M tape, (“ANFSports® PRO Disc ”) that would allow us to interact with the body’s Neuro Frequencies and signals to achieve certain desired results.

The Disc


Disc layers


Frequencies & Nervous System

The central nervous system (CNS) is made up of the brain and spinal cord, both formed by a vast majority of neurons.

Neurons, also known as nerve cells, are electrically excitable cells. They communicate with other neurons using electrical signals that benefit from the natural properties of biomolecular structures enabling cell components and whole cells to oscillate and interact. The cell membranes will allow ion conductivity and cell signaling this ion transport is strong enough to excite the nearby cells. The neurons create action potentials to communicate among them, what we called neuro frequencies.


The importance of measuring these frequencies resides in the fact that it will let us understand how incrementing or diminishing a frequency and the combination of them will modify the signals delivered from cell to cell to achieve different organs’ behaviors and functions.

CNS sends orders to the organs to distribute and prioritize the body’s resources controlling body and organs functions. With today’s available technology, it has been possible to measure as much as 15.000.000 different frequencies that travel through the nerve pathways. Emotional, mental, or physical trauma including inflammation can obstruct, damage, or disrupt these frequencies to different degrees.

By the late 19th century, modern medicine had invented and developed the EEG and EKG machines to measure frequencies of the heart and brain.

In a similar way, we have investigated and measured the frequencies that the neurons use to promote cognition, behavior, organ system functions, performance, sleep, immunity, and distribution of body resources.

Transmitted from one Neuron to another in the Central Nervous System, this is the way that the body communicates and sends orders to the organs to distribute and prioritize the body’s resources controlling body and organs functions.

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