ANFSports® PRO main features?
Performance, Recovery, Injuries, Mental stress....
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What is the ANFSports® PRO Device?
A neuro Frequency Device is a wearable device programmed with.....
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ANFSports® PRO frequencies?
Since 1875 modern medicine has invented and developed...
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How to use ANFSports® PRO and when?


Step 1: Optimization phase
Goal: prepare the body to perform at its full potential.
What to do: Apply the Device of the Optimization Protocol 24 hours before the race or match. These Devices should be kept for 72 hours approximately.
The M2 Device should be used every night, apply 1 hour before sleeping time, remove in the morning and re-apply the next night. Repeat this for 5 days.


Step 2: Performance phase
Goal: get the muscles ready, increase energy levels and enhance mental focus and concentration.
What to do: apply the Device of the Performance Protocol 3-5 hours before the race or match. These Devices should be worn during the match and be removed afterward. These Devices should be worn during the match and be removed afterward.


Step 3: Recovery phase
Goal: decrease the physical impact of the match on the body.
What to do: apply the Device of the Recovery Protocol after the race or match (we recommend applying it on dry skin after a shower). These Devices should be kept for 72 hours approximately.


Drink enough water for the cells to stay hydrated. Decrease in effect means the body is running out of water, intake water, and the energy will come back again.
Dry mouth, yellow or darker urine are signs of dehydration.
Detox info:

ANFSports® PRO for Competition

ANFSports® PRO delivers protocols to maximize the Individual Athletes’ potential, help prevent injuries and strengthen their health combined with faster results and better endurance. We create a timeline with when to apply what protocol for maximum effect and results.

ANFSports® PRO main features

Improve Performance

The ANFSports® PRO Device have been designed to improve the overall performance, strengthen certain muscle groups, and be able to perform with better capacity.

Goals: maximize energy production, optimize heart and lungs function, support nitric oxide and RBC production, enhance blood circulation, optimize cellular energy and organs function.


The ANFSports® PRO Device have been designed for Athletes´ who are looking for faster and better recovery, lactic acid prevention, and less stress after the performance. Fewer muscle complaints decreased training or match pain and improved sleep quality are key to a good recovery.

Goals: reduce recovery time, minimize lactic acid, prevent physical stress, optimize cellular antioxidants and immune system, support body ́s ability to self-repair and improve sleep quality.Device 

Lactic Acid

The ANFSports® PRO Device have been designed for those athletes prone to injuries, muscle compensation, or overuse injury. ANFSports® PRO Device can help prevent these issues and help an athlete reach its fullest potential.

: prevent injuries, reduce or prevent pain, reduce cramps and physical stress, minimize recovery time.

Mental Stress

The ANFSports® PRO Device are for Athletes who want to balance their overall mental state or want to improve mental focus and clarity during the performance. Special protocols for those athletes who feel stressed or overexcited or suffer from performance anxiety.

Goals: Improve concentration and mental focus, optimize optic nerve function, prevent mental stress and performance anxiety, reduce excessive thoughts, optimize brain balance and mental performance.

Who is ANFSports® PRO for?


Independent coaches and trainers within ALL sports.

Pro/Semi-pro Athletes

Professionals and semi-professional athletes within ALL sports.


Sports professionals working with athletes within ALL sports.


Sports club, athletics club, sports society or sports association, within ALL sports.

What is the ANFSports® PRO Device?

What are ANFSports® PRO Frequencies?


Frequency is the number of times an event is repeated (cycle) in a certain period (of time) where 1 cycle in 1 second we call 1 Hertz (HZ).
With a frequency counter we can measure cell frequencies by introducing the tip of a fine crystal microelectrode inside a cell.


The central nervous system (CNS) consists mainly of the brain and spinal cord both formed by a vast majority of neurons.
Neurons, also known as nerve cells, are electrically excitable cells.
They communicate with other neurons using electrical signals that benefit from the natural properties of biomolecular structures enabling cell components and whole cells to oscillate and interact. The cell membranes will allow ion conductivity and cell signalling, this ion transport is strong enough to excite the close by cells. The neurons create action potentials to communicate among them, what we called neuro frequencies.

Diff. Frequencies!

The importance of measuring these frequencies resides in the fact that will let us understand how incrementing or diminishing a frequency and the combination of them will modify the signals delivered from cell to cell to achieve different organs behaviors and functions.
CNS sends to the organs the orders to distribute and prioritize the body’s resources controlling body and organs functions. With today’s available technology, it has been possible to measure as much as 15.000.000 different frequencies that travel through the nerve pathways. 
Emotional, mental, or physical trauma including inflammation can obstruct, damage, or disrupt these frequencies to different degrees.

Why frequencies?

Since 1875 modern medicine has invented and developed the EEG and EKG machines to measure frequencies of the heart and brain. In a similar way, we have investigated and measured the frequencies that the neurons use to promote cognition, behavior, organ system functions, performance, sleep, immunity, and distribution of body resources.

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