the future of Recovery & Performance

Neurological Frequency Discs Designed to Optimize Recovery & Performance.

Time Saving

WADA Compliant

Chemical- & Substance Free

Long Term Benefits

Experience Next-Level Recovery

Improve blood flow

Increase nitric oxide levels

Reduce muscle soreness

Enhance muscle recovery

Improve immune function

Support joint health and stability

Remove lactic acid

Improve sleep quality

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Enhance Your Performance

Increase energy and endurance

Improve strength, power, and muscle elasticity

Enhance focus and concentration

Reduce fatigue

Increase muscle growth

Improve overall performance

Prevent lactic acid

The ANFSports® PRO Disc

Wearable technology

Skin friendly

No chemical or organic substances

Over 30 different discs

Active for up to 72h

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For Athletes

More Information

How does it work?

ANFSports® PRO works by applying different neurological Discs directly on the skin. Activated by body heat they transmit a unique range of frequencies through the neurons.

The ANFSports® PRO Discs are designed to receive, copy and send back signals to the human body, creating improved body functions. 

We aim for optimized Performance, faster Recovery, Injury Prevention, and much more.

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ANFSports® PRO is based on ANF Therapy®, a system that purely utilizes the science of the nervous system, by optimizing neurological oscillation, and functions.

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